Managed Security

Managed Security

Network Security is driving business opportunity and service providers are starting to position themselves as Managed Security Providers.  This new direction is being embraced by IT companies that are looking to define themselves as specialists that can watch your network and manage responsibilities such as Intrusion Protection live 24x7x365.

Historically, IT departments have developed a perimeter security strategy one technology solution at a time. For example, traditional firewall plus intrusion prevention, plus DDoS etc.   But the complexity of this system often sputters because it grows too large and the management is not centralized. This challenge, as well as the cost and upkeep of the technology, has created a new business opportunity for IT Services.

As any Managed Services Provider will preach that sound engineering and defined management procedures will help optimize a network and enable stronger management.  Visibility and reporting are fundamental requirements to managing multiple networks, features that MSPs have had for a long time now.  New technologies such as Next Generation Firewalls are enabling more sophisticated security features to be included in a single management portal – perfect for service providers.  

Unified Threat Management is a term that is the focus of every next generation firewall, which allows for centralized management for the following:

Now that all of these features can be acquired with a single technology purchase, management has never been more efficient.  We have to wonder how traditional Firewall technology is is going to stay relevant – even for the most basic users.

As an MSP, FlexIT sees value in architecting a network with solutions that integrate together and can be centrally managed.  Companies like Fortinet are especially interesting as they have incorporated other solutions such as Phone/PBX, Wireless Access Points, Switches etc – all under the same central management portal – the web-based NGFW portal is the master controller.  Through this, we can deliver advanced security management in conjunction with our traditional managed services, 24x7x365 at a cost that is extremely attractive.

This technology and methodology is transforming internal IT Operations and Service Providers.  It is a good thing because even small businesses need protection from advanced threats.  If technology had not evolved, solutions like this would never have been attainable.  As the threats continue to evolve, we expect to see technology to drive advancements to protect.

Flex IT works with companies that look to embrace technology to fuel their business.  Our team has tremendous experience building and managing both private and public clouds; our highly trained engineers want to help you get there.  We understand that every network has unique requirements, that’s why we embrace an open-scope mentality to deliver solutions that best fit your company’s need.

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